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29th April 2008 :: Chocolate faced Sambar

Sambar is a south Indian dish and it also happens to be the name of this species of deer. If this association with food was not enough, Manu feels that his mouth is covered in chocolate “Iski bubbi pe chocolate lagi hai” he said thinking what happy life this deer has. I guess they reminded Salman Khan of food too, that is why he killed a few. The Leopard whose image I posted yesterday in locked up in the enclusure that is behind this Sambar. I guess this is what is called living on the edge.

28th April 2008 :: Another day, another time

“Today I am in a cage and behind a wire mesh, that is why you have the courage to stand there with your camera in your hand and taking my picture. On my day, I would be free and then I will see if you have what it takes to stand in front of me like this.” I could almost hear this leopard say that so I decided to leave him alone with his well deserved privacy.

27th April 2008 :: Bare tree at Kanheri Caves

Reminds me of life, it all starts very simply and straight but very quicky gets all tangled and complex.

26th April 2008 :: Floor of a cave

They made sure no one slipped even when wet

25th April 2008 :: The quick and the dead

Some days ago Ashish posted a picture of mine and Dhiraj. In the comments someone expressed the desire to see the shot taken by either me or Dhiraj so here it-Ashish taking our picture while we were shooting him. I don't know who drew first and who took the first shot.

24th April 2008 :: Beach soccer

I like how this guy in yellow T-shirt is covering the boy with the football. He is not the goal keeper and I don't know why he has spread out his hands like he will catch the ball. The only equipment they had was a ball and they were using shoes as the goal posts. It reminded me of my childhood when we used to play cricket and the only equipment we used to have was a bat and a ball.

23rd April 2008 :: Sunset at Aksa beach

In a nutshell, it is getting more and more expensive to run a rickshaw in Bombay and it is very obvious that the price for that is paid by the people using them. How? You just need to make the fare meter run a little faster. With electronic meters, they will have to find out new ways of doing it that is why they are facing so much resistance.

22nd April 2008 :: Brothers at Aksa beach

After our first visit to Aksa Beach a month ago, it was short listed as a spot we would be visiting again once Bharat and my sister-in-law are visiting us. On Sunday we went there and Manu enjoyed this visit a lot more than the last time. Last time we didn't go too far in the water because we had heard it is quite a dangerous beach.

21st April 2008 :: Woman and Sun

After seeing this picture of the blog of Ashish, I wanted to post it on Friday but I was way too bsy on Friday to post anything so here it is today.

17th April 2008 :: Let me check your pockets

Andrew Gilbert is a friend of mine who was my classmate in VUT in Melbourne. One day I went to his home and found an empty bubble pack of strepsils scattered all over the carpet. His voice was normal so I asked him if his flat mate had a sore throat. He laughed and told me that it was done by his dog. He found a strip of strepsils and ate all of them.

16th April 2008 :: What's on the menu?

You are on your way back home. Your wife has fixed the dinner but still as you pass by the restaurant, you can't help but check out the “today's special” on the menu and if it is something you like, you may even try to take a deep breath to for it's aroma or you may just gulp the water that got in your mouth thinking about the dish.

15th April 2008 :: The optimist in me

On 26th January I went to Banganga with Ashist and Dhiraj. Recently Ashish posted this pic on his blog so I thought I should too. Standing from left to right are Dhiraj, Ashish and yours truly. One reason I like this shot is because it makes me feel slim.

14th April 2008 :: Something fresh

In the morning you wait for your lunch break, in the afternoon you wait for going home. All week you wait for the weekend and all month you wait for the payday. An ideal life would be when you are not waiting for any such thing but life never is ideal and more often than not you are in one or more of the waits mentioned above and sometimes when things are bad, you are waiting for all of the above and maybe more. So what are you waiting for today?

13th April 2008 :: Mama leaf with kids

I hated the concept of being a weekend father but that is all I could manage last week due to work pressure. Had been quite busy so didn't get a chance to post an image yesterday. Today I am posting three images including this advance post for Sunday.

12th April 2008 :: Painting the town red...literally

Indians have taken the phrase painting the town red quite literally and a big part of the population is providing a significant contribution towards it. You can see the proof of that in this image as well. When some kind man saw the spirit and determination to survive in this plant that has managed to grow on the most difficult of places, he has blessed it with a mouthful of paan spit.

11th April 2008 :: Watch your step

Another of image of flowers that look like banana peels to Manu. I think I need to once again venture out with my camera in the parking of our society to get some more shots.

10th April 2008 :: Curled up

Another dead leaf, this time in front of a dead car's dead tyre. With so many dead things, it seems like a graveyard. I think there is not enough contrast between the leaf and the background because the dead leaf and the rusted rim have the same colour still I liked this shot so here it is. Chantal mentioned that she finds the composition of yesterday's shot some what messy and by that measure, this shot is even worse.

9th April 2008 :: Leaves and tyre

I read a feature in “The Hindustan Times” a few days ago about how parents in Bombay and probably the rest of the country are finding less and less time to spend with their kids. Some people may feel the sacrifice of family life is essential to progress in your professional life and you are not “committed” enough to your career if you have an urge to head back home at sunset.

7th April 2008 :: Heavy cloud but no rain

The two nawabs in Lucknow station missed a train as they both tried to get in at the same time and then stood on the platform saying “after you”. This “after you” continued till the train left the platform. After the train left, they walked and resumed the “after you” at the gate of the railway station and it went on till one of them collapsed due to a heat stroke and had to be taken to the hospital.

4th April 2008 :: Aawara badal

Indian literature has been just like Hindu religion where we treat everyone with respect and gratitude. For examples we worship almost all know planets and stars in the universe. We worship the rivers, we worship the mountains and we even respect a lot of animals that are associated with some sort of a god like a mouse is to Ganeshji, a bull is to Shiva and so on.

3rd April 2008 :: A man's worth

I am really tied up and my mind is preoccupied with the project I am working on so can't think of what to write and just then I saw this quote in my inbox which seems quite relevant.

“Any use of a human being, in which less is demanded of him and less is attributed to him than his full status, is a degradation and a waste.”
Norbert Wiener

2nd April 2008 :: In this Olympics lets play parliament too

Baichung Bhutia refused the carry the Olympic torch because he felt the Tibet issue has not been handled properly by the China government. Some people have the view that he should not combine sports and politics, considering we live in a nation where world cup winning players sit in the second row and the politicians sit in the front row, it sounds a little odd. Read more and view larger pic

1st April 2008 :: A flower of banana peel

“Papa kele ka chilka (banana peel)” Manu said when he saw this picture and it indeed looks like it. :: Defining Your Blogs Worth: TopSites: