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30th January 2009 :: We love our Gandhi

People, on an average, are getting more short tempered and impatient. At least in India the problem can be solved by if people are urged to look into their wallet. If a picture of Gandhi can't make them think of the virtues of non-violence, I don't think anything will.

29th January 2009 :: Window dressing

This cat is window dressing, not figuraively but actually. I found it sleeping in he window of a restaurant at Madgaon Railway Station in Goa among pots and pans. Many and Shyla tried to wake her up but I guess the kitty was way too tired to be interested in them.

28th January 2009 :: Tiger Beer, no I am not drunk yet

The booze is quite cheep in Goa but we had to wait for a while before we could enjoy it. I had a beer with Berry at a shack at the Baga Beach and obviously it was not all that cheap, in fact it was quite expensive at 50 bucks for a pint of Tiger Beer. Later that night we went to a bottle shop and picked up bottles of Budweiser. I have a lot of images of the Goa trip and I am sure if I start posting one picture a day, I will lose interest long before I run out of images so I have decided to make a new image gallery of the Goa Images. I'd like to get it uploaded while the memory of the trip is still fresh in my mind but it is a lot of work so I don't know when it will happen.

27th January 2009 :: Desi Daru (Country liquor)

This bottle of orange flavored country liquor was found on the way to Shirdi when we stopped to take pictures of the windmills. There must be shops of country liquor in the north as well, after all where the alcoholics who can't afford Whisky will go in the absence of cheap alcohol but I don't remember seeing such shops in Delhi. I guess these shops are a lot more visible in Bombay. What is also common is finding a passed out man in front of such places even during the day.

22nd January 2009 :: Off to Goa

Tonight I am taking a train to Goa. My last outing can't really be described as pleasent and I am hoping this one will be better. This is a bottle of San Miguel beer that I bought a long time ago but opened only a few days ago. My verdict on it? It is good but definitely not worth the 130 bucks for a pint. I guess I will wait for them to start making the beer in India (which will make it cheaper) before I pick up another bottle.

21st January 2009 :: ...and paper is mightier than pen

That is why it has us chasing our tails all day long all our lives.

20th January 2009 :: Water from Himalaya

It is difficult to understand the reason that helps us decide the money we are willing to pay for something. One litre of milk casts Rs.24 and the same quantity of Himalayan bottled water costs Rs.25. There can be situations when you have to pay an outrageous amount for water but how can one explain paying for bottled water in a restaurant while tap water is free of cost. Now please don't give me the Hygiene factor.

19th January 2009 :: Losing Virginity

I guess Madonna said that losing her virginity was a career move. Big Deal! Losing virginity is a career move for all plastic bags. This bag is also made with virgin plastic and the virginity was lost the moment the store clerk tore it away from the pack and filled it with groceries. On a more serious note, I'd like to know how a plastic bag is environment friendly. Does it have a friendly nature and goes out shaking hand with the trees or something? Or maybe the trick is in asking the right questions. Let's see if we can come up with some

16th January 2009 :: 50 Microns

After the floods on 26th July in 2005, the government banned plastic bags below 50 microns. Plastic bags made from 50 microns or higher are only allowed to be used in Bombay and there is a statutory requirement to write the details about microns, the recycling status and the name of the manufacturer along with other details. This is a 50 micron bag made from virgin plastic which means it is good to carry food.

15th January 2009 :: My mug is half full

Photography is my passion and photography is my curse. On Sunday I bought a cold bottle of Carlsberg and poured it in a mug but couldn't enjoy it like a normal person would have. The impulse of taking photographs was stronger than the impulse of sitting in a chair watching TV with a beer in my hand and I spent the next 15-20 minutes taking pictures.

14th January 2009 :: Another superhero

Superman is the favourite super hero of Jerry Seinfeld. I like Superman too, simply because he can fly and I guess this is the reason why Manu has always had a Super man shirt. Earlier he had a shirt with just the SUperman sign on it and when I used to ask him if he was Superman he used to say "I am not a super hero".

13th January 2009 :: Confused Man - The new super hero

My next door kid who was very eager to pose for me was wearing this interesting shirt. A while ago I wrote a post on Mental Floss about the kind of absurd to outrageous slogans you see on T-Shirts. A few days ago I saw a man wearing a shirt saying "I recycle boys".

12th January 2009 :: Manik

This is Manik Sharma, son of Mira's sister. When I was his age, I liked being photographed. I guess every teenager does and more so the teenagers of my time when photography was only on film and quite expensive and a lot less common. He was also happy to pose for me and I wanted to take a little different shots. I wanted to capture myself in the glasses but at this angle only my head could be covered.

11th January 2009 :: Sonia

Before my last visit to Delhi, I was asked to buy a couple of camera for couple of my relatives. One of them was Mira's sister who visited us last month. They were carrying their camera and I was surprised to see they have not managed to fill up a 1GB data card in about 4 months so I decided to help them. I started clicking pictures with their camera on our way back from Shirdi and at Juhu. This is Sonia, she owns the camera.

10th January 2009 :: Side walker

I am not the best person to judge myself but I often feel a little irritated by the fact that my sun sign is represented by something that walks sideways. It suggest that people of my sign don't like to meet a challenge head on.

9th January 2009 :: Wind Power

On way to Shirdi, I spotted these huge windmills. There are more than 50 of them that I could count. This reminds me of Don Quixote. When I saw these pictures, I told Mira that there is a company names Suzlon that is quite famous for wind power, they had actually run a campaign a few years ago. When I zoomed in to these images, I realised these windmills are indeed from the same company. At a time when we are looking for cleaner and renewable energy sources, it seems like a very good option though I am not sure how much power one windmill can generate.

8th January 2009 :: Daaton tale ungli

In my yesterday's post I mentioned how casual Manu is in front of a camera and Ashish posted a comment that this way I can get great candid portraits and he is absolutely right and today's post is a very good example. If I think about the images of Manu I have posted here, he is not looking at the camera in a majority of them and I agree that is what has made the shots better.

7th January 2009 :: The sun and now the son

I started with a sun and before I get on with the regular images, I wanted to post one of Manu. This was taken during my customary photo shoot on the 1st of January. I took some pictures of our next door kid as well and couldn't stop noticing the contrast in the images of the two kids. The other guy was very eager to pose for my while Manu was not at all bothered by the presence of a camera. I guess this is because he has grown up seeing a camera in my hands aimed at him. This, I guess, is a very good start if he chooses a career in modeling or cinema.

6th January 2009 :: Let there be light

I think in all I must have posted about 2-3 pictures of myself so here is breaking the tradition this year. On our way back from Shirdi, I was sitting in the seat next to the driver and Manu kept moving around the entire car, sometimes at back, sometimes up at the front with me. He came to me when he was tired. This was taken a few minutes before he slept.

5th January 2009 :: Let there be light

Generally I want the first day of the year to be an ideal one, doing things I would like to do for the rest of the year, like getting up early, going for a walk, taking some pictures, taking Manu out for a drive and blogging. This year I did almost everything except for blogging. So here is the first post of the year and start things on a positive note, here is a sunrise as clicked just outside Bombay on my way to Shirdi.

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