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Keeping a Hawkeye on Indian Cattle - A kite flying over the Arabian Sea, Mumbai

28th October 2009

Keeping a Hawkeye on Indian Cattle

“So what do you keep an eye on anyway”, I asked.
“It can be anything, we get our assignments”, was the reply
“So what is your current assignment?”
“We are observing the habits of India cattle; there have been dramatic changes lately.”
“Really! Like what?”
“The cows are increasingly getting health conscious; they are very particular about their figures.”
“Get out of here!”
“It's the truth. I have seen groups of cows and buffaloes in Aarey colony exercising like there is no tommorow.”
“You are bullshitting me.”
“You really think so, then how do you explain the shortage of ghee and butter?”
“What do you mean?”
“Is there a shortage of milk?”
“So how can there be a shortage of ghee and butter if there is no shortage of milk. Apart from exercise, the cows have also cut down on their calorie intake; this is why they have been producing fat free milk, causing the shortage of butter and ghee.”a shot to beer.

Thirsty? - close of bubbles in a Beer bottle

28th October 2009


Unusual cropping for a shot on Picturejockey but this is the composition that suited this shot. Thinking about it, the previous shot I posted with similar cropping was also a shot of beer.

After a drive around the equator - The interior of an abandoned Ambassador car

27th October 2009

After a drive around the equator

Even if it had gone for a trip around the equator, it would have been in a better shape. The reason behind the condition of this car is neglect. While visiting the office of British Airways, I was told by an engineer that if an airline decides to not use a plane for a very long time, it is flown to Mojave Desert and is stored there. Mojave Desert is among those places in the world that have the most suitable weather for storing such things for a long time. Chances are if you fuel up a plane stored there for years, it will fly. Bombay is just the opposite of Mojave. You can leave a brand new car here for a couple of years and it will deteriorate beyond recognition.

One sip - Manu sipping water from a bottle at Marine Drive

26th October 2009

One sip

One of the challenge we will be facing in the coming years will be providing clean drinking water to all people on this planet. I am sure someone must have already tried it but it is not popular to clean the sea water for drinking purposes. The majority of earth is oceans and that volume of water is going to only increase when poles and all the glaciers melt. We need to seriously consider this option.

Light and Shade - A flower on Marin Drive

25th October 2009

Light and Shade

This is from a tree on Marin Drive. I don't know the name, but there are quite a few of these over there. I took pictures of these during my last visit as well but then they didn't have these antennas coming out of them like this.

Maharashtra Shasan - A old dilapidated Ambassador

24th October 2009

Maharashtra Shasan

Bal Thackeray has been betrayed by Marathi Manoos and he has no faith left in anyone including the Marathi manoos and the god. He feels betrayed and is blaming the party for the worst ever performance in elections. Who is responsible for this? He himself is. Raj Thackeray was supposed to be the second in command and then he suddenly decided to give the control of party to his son Uddhav instead of Raj. If he had done the right thing, Raj and his MNS would still be a part of Shiv Sena and the result of the elections could have been very different.

Lantern in wind - A Lantern in our window

20th October 2009

Lantern in wind

The media reported Chinese army invading Arunchal Pradesh and Leh. There has been speculations of more serious confrontations between the two countries and the Hindi-Chini bhai bhai era is definitely behind us. I would like to disagree. Chinese have made very serious attempts to imbibe our culture to bond with us. How else can you explain everything for Diwali made in China including the lanterns, the lights and even the idols.

Red - A string of lights at our home

19th October 2009


The wall is almost white and the light is red but in this shot it looks the opposite. Seeing is believing?

Light Globe - A light globe in our living room

18th October 2009

Light Globe

The younger of the two monks was quite happy at being photographed and thay joy can be seen on his face.

Wishing you all a Happy Diwali - Manu with a fuljhari or a tadtadi as it is know in Bombay

17th October 2009

Wishing you all a Happy Diwali

The younger of the two monks was quite happy at being photographed and thay joy can be seen on his face.

A genuine smile - A Budhhist Monk smiling for my camera

13th October 2009

A genuine smile

The younger of the two monks was quite happy at being photographed and thay joy can be seen on his face.

Do they remind you of Tom Cruise

12th October 2009

Do they remind of you Tom Hanks?

If not, they should because they share the same fate as Tom Hank's character in the movie "The Terminal" He was stuck at New York airport when his country suddenly ceased to exist. Their country-Tibet has ceased to exist, at least for these people because of Chinese invasion. These two guys are from Coorg, a place in Karnataka. I hear there is a monastry where they have managed to preserve their way of living to a large extent. It is like a mini Tibet, like the McLeod Ganj in Himanchal Pradesh.

Moth - A moth I saw at Kanheri Caves

11th October 2009


Once again the same thing, too many images, too little time. What I like to do is shortlist images from a particular shoot and post them for the next few days and currently I am not able to do that so I am posting one of images klike this image of a moth. I hope I will get some time on Tuesday to sort images.

At Aksa beach #2 - My brother Sanjiv At Aksa beach, Mumbai, Malad

8th October 2009

At Aksa beach #2

Another shot of my brother taken a few seconds after the one I posted yesterday.

At Aksa beach - My brother Sanjiv at Aksa Beach, Mumbai, Malad

7th October 2009

At Aksa beach

I have this thing about silhouettes and I can't stop myself from shooting against the sun, especially at a beach. You have seen a picture of Manu and my brother taken at Aksa beach and here is another silhouette of my brother. I usually post images with minimum of editing, this one I spent some time in adding a little colour. Let me know what you think.

Poot ke paaon paalne mein... - Manu taking a picture of a bottle of Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer

6th October 2009

Poot ke paaon paalne mein...

There is a saying in Hindi "Poot ke paon paalne mein hi nazar aa jaate hain" Which means you can figure out how your kid is going to turn up right when he is only an infant. This picture leaves little doubt about what Manu will do when he grows up.

Move aside king, the emperor is here - A bottle of Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer

5th October 2009

Move aside King, the “Emperor” is here

The King is already yours and you want to upstage him. What do you do? You do what Dr. Mallya did. You introduce an Emperor. Kingfisher beer is already the “king of good times” so they crowned the new beer-Ultra as the “Emperor of good time“. So what will they call the next variant they introduce to the market? “The Monarch of good times?”

The monsoon is over. Really? - A bird on our window soaked in rain

4th October 2009

The monsoon is over. Really?

The met department has declared that the Mumbai monsoon is over and listening to them, I posted an image of the supposedly last rain a few days ago. They claimed the rains are over apart from a some light showers that we can expect during the evenings. It has rained quite a bit after that. It rained on Friday and it is raining non stop since last evening, some 15 hours of continous rains. This much of rain we didn't experience when the monsoon was not supposed to be over.

Are we worse than even a dog?

3rd October 2009

“Are we worse than even a dog?”

As I am taking pictures of this dog, these guys seems to be asking this question.

A dog's day at beach

2nd October 2009

A dog's day at beach

There was a dead eel at the beach and this dog wanted it but waited patiently for me to take picture of the eel before he came for it. I guess he doesn't like seafood a lot because he sniffed it and then left. I don't know why but I quite like this shot.


1st October 2009


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