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8th May 2009 :: Spin this

A man offered a beer to Shane Warne who was standing at the boundary and he took a sip. The news channels have been showing the clip over and over again. They are also digging up all the things Warne has done wrong in the past, the doping in the 2003 World Cup, the text messages to various women, and smoking, everything he has done.

7th May 2009 :: Sridevi and Boney Kapoor

Being an actress Sridevi has maintained a good figure and under no expectations to have a fit body Boney Kapoor has put on a lot of weight. Here he seems to be holding his breath to avoid looking too fat in comparison to Sridevi.

6th May 2009 :: Dadasaheb Phalke Award for Dada - Mr. Aloke Dasgupta

Mr. Aloke Dasgupta is a veteran cinematographer also known as "Dada" to his colleagues. After a struggle of two years in Bombay, Chalti ka naam Gaadi was his first break as an independent photographer which marked the start of a career in 1949. Chalti ka Naam Gaadi was an opportunity that allowed him to showcase his capabilities and he utilized that opportunity well. After the release of the movie, he got a lot of offers working on two - three movies at any given time.

5th May 2009 :: Himesh Reshammiya at Dadasahed Phalke Jayanti 2009

I didn't know till 4th May that Himesh Reshammiya belongs to a family that has been in the movies and music for a long time. On the 140th anniversary of Dadasaheb Phalke, his father Vipul Reshammiya was also honored along with other senior members of the film industry. He is supposed to have introduced the electronic keyboards in the Indian music. Himesh Reshammiya was there with him to receive the award and he obliged the crowd by singing a few lines as well, both in his normal voice and the nasal voice.

4th May 2009 :: Dadasahed Phalke Jayanti 2009

A few days ago my neighbor Mr. Aloke Dasgupta informed me that he has been contacted by the Dadasaheb Phalke Academy. The Western India Cinematographer's union had forwarded Mr. Dasgupta's name for an award for the veterans of the film industry. The award ceremony was held in Bhai Das Hall in Vile Parle on the 4th of May. These photographers were very eager to get a good shot. They caused a complete chaos when some of them decided to climb on the stage, leaving no space for the awardees to go up the stage. Apart from that, for the entire duration of the ceremony, they blocked the view of people sitting on the first few rows which included celebrities like Sanjay Khan, Sanjay Kapoor, Manoj Kumar and few others.

2nd May 2009 :: The cost of a vote

We are the largest democracy in the world but are our government really by the people and for the people. With the government completely ignoring the needs of an average citizen, it definitely is not "for" the people and with only 41% people voting, it certainly is not by the people either.

1st May 2009 :: I chose not to show the middle finger

I felt guilty that I didn't vote on the 30th. I had registered myself but my name was not in the voter's list. Perhaps I should have chased this matter and maybe, just maybe, my name could have been included in the list. After the 26th November terrorist attack in Mumbai, it was expected that more people would vote, at least in India but the number of voters turned out to be less than last time with a lot of people making full use of the long weekend by fleeing Mumbai for a short holiday.

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