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30th June 2009 :: So close

Most of the pictures I post on this blog are 4X3 unless it is a panoramic shot. When I have taken a lot of images of something, I work with the process of elimination, First I select the best from the similar looking images, then I start selecting the best looking among them and start posting them on Picturejockey and when I feel I have posted enough here, I post the rest on Flickr. So while I was optimising the short listed images, I saw this one and this was about to go in the rejects list till I decided to crops it like this. What is your take on this irregular size?

29th June 2009 :: Tuborg Green

The bottle is green, the reflection is also green and the beer is called green. I am wondering if the colour of the beer can also be made green and I am sure it can be. When the colour of a cola can be made different without changing the taste, beer shouldn't be any different. I am wondering about the acceptability of the same. Will you drink beer that is green?

26th June 2009 :: Older. Hopefully wiser too

Yesterday I finished yet another year of my life. I choose to stay at home. It sounds a little childish to take a leave on your birthday but I was not in a mood to go through the sub-human routine of train and rickshaw. Manu, on the other hand, went to school. I felt it was unfair to send him school on his and mine birthday while I myself stay at home so I have decided that if the conditions remain the same next year too, I will go to office and to avoid the free full body massaged in the train, I will travel in a cab.

24th June 2009 :: Tuborg beer

Here is another shot of Tuborg Beer. A little conventional shot as far as I am concerned but still good enough. There are some other shots too that you will see in the coming days.

23rd June 2009 :: To open a beer bottle

Tuborg is the first beer bottle in India that can be opened without any opener; just pull the tab and its open. It is too late for me, I guess teenagers of today will be thankful for it...or maybe, at that age, the experience of drinking beer is not complete without using your teeth to open a bottle.

22nd June 2009 :: Reservation for SSC kids

The government has announced a 90% reservation in Junior College (class 10) for SSC students. This means getting admission for kids from ICES, CBSE and other boards has become very difficult. Manu's school is affiliated to ICSE board so 11 years down the line, life is going to get tough for us. I hope I will not be in Bombay after 11 years but my hopes and wishes mean nothing. If they did, I would be out of here a very long time ago.

19th June 2009 :: The slowest in the Group

If you walk in a group, you can walk only as fast as the slowest member in that group. This may be great if you happen to be the slowest one but frustrating if you are among the faster ones. This system ensures that the entire group is penalized for the mistakes of a few.

18th June 2009 :: Bees on sunflower

I saw a lot of sunflowers on my way to Chandigarh from Nangal and at one place we decided to stop to take some pictures. While taking the pictures I realised there were bees there as well. I wanted to stop for longer but was scared of the bees. A few days before this I had seen a program on National Geographic about bees. Someone had introduced African bees in North America and while the native bees would chase you for a 100m if they feel threatened, the African bees were a lot more aggressive and would chase you for more than a kilometer.

16th June 2009 :: India out of T20 World Cup and Dhoni Captain uncool

Over the past few days, whenever I watched news, I felt I am listening to Manu and his friends. The voices were of mature men but the words were of kids only. Manu gets into this bragging session with his friends some time "My dad can finish the glass of milk in one sip" and things like this. While talking about the "Team India" the news anchors were also in the same "mine is bigger than yours" pissing contest.

15th June 2009 :: For we are young and free

How can anyone stake claim to a country in an environment like this is beyond my understanding. Don't forget that John Batman - the man who created Melbourne also arrived there is a boat

12th June 2009 :: In bloom

This flower was at the garden at Nanaksar Gurudwara, the same place where I took this sunset shot. Garden reminds me of what happened in either Delhi or Punjab. Manu's definition of garden is the 10ftX12ft play area in our building. Mira took him to a sprawling park and after a while he asked "Mom, where is the garden?"

11th June 2009 :: That's me

Today is going to be a very long day. Our agency is making a pitch. The work on it will go on till late night, then as a “show of interactive capabilities” we will be called to contribute to that pitch and we will work till 3 am. I will take a cab to reach home to a disappointed son who will not be talking to me in the morning. The rest of my team will stay overnight at the guest house or the office and will leave for home when the local trains start running again early tomorrow morning.

10th June 2009 :: Sunset at Nanaksar Gurudwara, Nangal, Punjab

Nangal is a town in Punjab famous for its Bhakra Dam. Apart from that dam, that place has religious importance too for Sikhs and it has quite a few Gurudwaras. This picture was taken at Nanaksar Gurudwara. It is a small gurudwara in very peaceful surrounding. Apart from this there is another gurudwara there called Babhor Sahib which is famous as a spot of meditation for Guru Gobind Singh. Not too far away from Nangal is Anandpur Sahib which is the place where Sikhism was founded and that also has a lot of gurudwaras with relevance to Sikh history.

9th June 2009 :: Chubby Cheeks

What do you know about being helpless, about being free and yet not free enough? If I ask Mira this question the answer would be Purvi. She is my brother-in-law's daughter and the first time Mira saw her was when she was about 7 months old. I'd call myself free if I am able to share the joy and sorrow of people close to me now, not 6 months later.

8th June 2009 :: Hi! I'm back

I have been absent for about a month now, not only from this blog but from internet altogether. I visited Delhi and Punjab in the second half of last month and have been quite busy ever since I have come back to focus on anything but work. To add to that, Picturejockey was attacked by a virus. I had to remove the online content and upload the clean offline content once again.

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