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30th April 2009 :: Sure! Would you like french fries with that?

Am I not the man you want to drive out of "your" city. 25 years ago the uncle wanted to drive the south Indians out of the city and now Raj Thackeray wants to drive north Indians out and then he has the cheek to ask for my vote.

29th April 2009 :: I'll vote for you if you make my problems disappear

He wanted his problems to disappear and a bottle of booze helped. The problems disappeard, at least momentarily. How else one can be so relaxed to fall asleep on the Western Express Highway. I guess this is why the election day is a dry day though I feel it shouldn't be a problem to stock up booze a day before the polls but at the same time, an open bottle shop will be se much more tempmting. I am not sure it the dry day helps or not. What do you think?

28th April 2009 :: Gossip or Safety instructions?

While Mira is busy reading the latest gossip on Salman Khan, Manu is a lot wiser by going through the safety instructions card in the plane. He seems to be reading but his tongue gives an impression as if he is peeling something off that card. He often reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch me if you can because he also have a habit of peeling labels of anything that he can lay his hands on.

24th April 2009 :: I have the right to freedom of speech and the right to not to exercise the right

Yesterday Hindustan Times mentioned that Harbhajan Singh has started a blog and complained that there is nothing juice in the blog. Whatever he is writing is politically correct like the praises of Anil Kumble and Shane Warne. Actually the blog is a half-assed effort with its horrendous design - put a few images of the spinner and your header is ready, the designer didn't even bothered to see if the actual content is visible without scrolling.

22nd April 2009 :: Bubbles of life

A person may have lived his entire life without giving in to a temptation but someone along they way made the temptation so irresistible that the man gave in. In this case, is it just the weakness of character/resolve/will power of the person giving in to temptation or some fault lies with the person who helped along the way?

21st April 2009 :: It's free but costs a lot

The age old concept of offering something free with your products is still as effective as it was when it was conceived at least in the kids section. While you may have to offer things of substantial value to adults, pleasing kids is not so expensive (It may not be expensive but maybe they require some hard work in coming up with things that would make kids buy these products).

17th April 2009 :: Divided we travel

Raj Thackery of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena and his uncle Bal Thackery of Shiv Sena have faced a lot of criticism because they have been dividing people on geographic basis. The marathai manoos vs the north Indian Bhaia. Does what they do really matter? The peopl in Bombay are divided enough. To see what I mean try boarding a Virar train from Borivali. A woman who tried to board a Virar train from Borivali was not given space to move, she fell from the running trai and died. If people living 25 kms apart are so divided, is it any wonder people coming to Bombay from as far as a 1000km are beaten up.

16th April 2009 :: Face to face

Adnan Sami is a Pakistani singer. Lately he has been having a lot of domestic issues which has resulted in the police making lot of trips to his home and also in listening to his wife and him. The court also had spent time on their cases against each other. Why do we allow them to put burden on our police and judicial system? Why they are not asked to go back to Pakistan and resolve their issues wasting the time of Pakistani police and courts?

14th April 2009 :: Desperately in need of some skincare

In India it is called a Musk melon, in Hindi it is called a "kharbooja" and after going to Australia I found out that it is also called a cantaloupe. Cantaloupe is a counter-intuitive word for me partially because we have called these a melon or a musk melon all our lifes and partly because the word cantaloupe always reminds me of antelope.

11th April 2009 :: Competition to change Gandhi

Prashant suggested that we should have a competition to replace Gandhi as well and he has a point. 8-10 years ago the face of Gandhi was only on the 500 rupee note but now it is on every note, from 5 bucks to a grand, there are seven notes and his picture is on every one of them. Don't we have any other leader worthwhile of featuring on a note? It is not only about the the currency notes, we find it hard to find anyone of substance in a population of more than a billion.

10th April 2009 :: Indian Currency symbol competition

If there is a competition to design a symbol for currency Is it legal to hire a design house to design a few options for you? If it is legal, is it ethical to do so? If you win the contest, do you get the credit for it or does your design agency gets the credit? If you have paid the agency to design the options for you, can they still come back and claim for their share of prize money?

9th April 2009 :: A Rupee worth 64 or 100 paise

In primary school I read a story of either the rupee or the paisa. Earlier there used to be 64 paisa in a rupee and in 1957 the Indian currency adopted the decimal system and one rupee had 100 paisa. A beggar in the story said that earlier he had to meet 64 people to collect a rupee now he will have to ask 100 people for a paisa before he can have a rupee. Compare that to the demand of a minimum of one rupee by a beggar.

8th April 2009 :: A symbol for Indian Currency

Dollar, pound, Yen, euro all have a symbol for currency but the India Rupee is represented as Rs. or Re depending on the amount. The Reserve Bank of India has announced a competition for designing a symbol for Indian currency with a prize of Rs 250,000 and the winner will have to surrender the copyright so there is no conflict at a later stage.

7th April 2009 :: Tuborg

This is the cap of the recently launched beer Tuborg. I'll talk more about it at a later stage and will post more images. In this post though I'd like to mention that I have increased the size of the image to 800X660 pixels. I have seen the stats of the site and there are less than 1% people with a resolution of 800X600 pixels visit this site, everyone else has a higher resolution. I was thinking about some other changes too but I will do them at a later stage

5th April 2009 :: Singh is King? Or is Sonia Gandhi the real queen

Manmohan Singh may have been the most educated, intelligent and the smartest prime minister we ever had and may be the least powerful as well. No one credits him for any of his accomplishments and he is never seen as the real leader. The real leader in Sonai Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi will step aside when Rahul Gandhi is ready to stake his claim on the primeministership and till then we will have "temp" prime ministers like Manmohan Singh, something like Anil Kumble as the test captain till M S Dhoni was ready for it.

4th April 2009 :: Bhujangasana

Unlike west we don't sort our garbage into recyclable and non-recyclable and inspite of that we recycle more things in India than the west does. I sell my old newspaper to a guy who sells it further for recycling and in every garbage dump you will find rag pickers who will pick up anything can be recycled to sell it to recyclers. We have been talking a lot about the usage of plastic bags but I can be sure there is much less virgin plastic in our plastic bags compaed to others.

3rd April 2009 :: Squeezed out

Yesterday I mentioned some things you might not have used and I got a list of a lot of other things including the old fashioned razor, the kind you may have seen in western movies. A version of that is still used by the barbers in India that uses a disposable single blade. Then there was the "fitkari" or alum. Prashant also mentions something very interesting that I have not seen myself "cheap cream mixed with powder which makes your face shine like crazy". So much to get rid of unwanted facial hair, and we say it's the women who are fussy.

2nd April 2009 :: Way past its use by date

After posting the images of Axe shaving cream tube yesterday and reading some commenst, I realised how this photo has a few things that are so outdated in some places. Since the shaving foam is so convinient, a lot of you may not even know that there is shaving cream in tubes as well. The other thing is the aluminum tube. Years ago the toothpasta, shaving cream, ointments, all used aluminum tubes. Now most of them have switched to plastic tubes.

1st April 2009 :: The Axe Effect

"Is there life after the last bit of shaving cream is squeezed out of you?" asked this tube of Axe Denim shaving cream. Unfortunately for the tube, the answer was "No."

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