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30th November 2008 :: Mumbai Under Seige - The terrorist attacks on Taj and Trident (Oberoi) Hotels

I am outraged. Outraged by the terrorist attacks and by our inaction. In spite of the repeated attacks, we have not one anything to prevent them. Even now we are speculating if this ISI is involved in it or not. To counter terrorism, one needs resolve-the kind of resolve shown by Mossad after the Munich Olympic massacre in 1972

26th November 2008 :: The bottom of Corona

After this I guess I will post one or two more Corona shots including one of an empty bottle of Corona. There are more but I don't want this site to become "Coronajockey". I will post the rest on Flickr and will post a link here. I have got so many shots of bottles in the past few days that I am thinking about making a calendar using those. Let's see how that goes.

25th November 2008 :: Reflections of a Corona

According to what I have read on the internet, a wedge of lime is stuck in the neck of the bottle. Some say it is to mask the skunked taste which I think is a little unlikely because if the beer was not supposed to have the skunked taste, Corona would have been bottled in brown bottles. Others say the lime wedge is to keep out the flies especially at beach which also doesn't seem very likely because if a lime wedge is so effective in keeping flies away, it would be used with all beer bottles, not just Corona. To me it seems like the part of the Corona legend, it is how it is supposed to be done so let's do it like this only, never mind why.

24th November 2008 :: Corona is back

As I promised, I am back with the pictures of Corona Beer. In the past few days I have taken unusually high number of pictures of alcohol bottles. They include the bottle of Chivas Regal, Fuel and Smirnoff Vodka. At home I have a bottle San Miguel that is yet to be photographed and such a high number of alcohol images are making some of the readers wonder if I have a drinking problem. Well, I don't but there is another disorder that urges me to buy interesting bottles if only to take pictures.

21st November 2008 :: Will sink unless helped

The news a couple of days ago was the decision of the government to enforce reservation for the locals in manufacturing and blue collar jobs in Maharashtra. So let's see a possible scenario how a decision on that could have been made.

20th November 2008 :: United we fly

19th November 2008 :: The pirates of Somalia and the Ghost who walks

Years ago a man was washed ashore in Africa. His ship was attacked by pirates and he was the only survivor. On that day he swore on a skull that he will spend his life fighting pirates and after him, his son will walk the same path and after him his son and this will continue till there are no pirates left. It worked quite well till about the 21st generation but then people heard about a legend-a man named Walker who is 400 years old, who is sharpest of sharp shooter, who doesn't die, who leaves a mark of skull on his victims.

18th November 2008 :: Chivas Regal - 12 Years old

I know I promised to post pictures of Corona Beer but that will have to wait. I am not really excited about them as yet. In the meantime I have taken some more pictures of other bottles including this taken yesterday. Like Corona, there is going to be a series of Chivas Regal as well but that too will be coming a little later. In the meantime I will post some other pictures that I have.

17th November 2008 :: Manu at the window

When you look at this, it is not the expression of a four year old. He seems to be deep in some thought. Very often, when he is alone, I would see him with similar expressions. I don't know when he thinks about but would love to know.

16th November 2008 :: A better tommorow?

Yesterday I was talking about the housing, today I would like to tale about transport. I have written about the problems I face during a commute in Bombay and god is a witness that I have thought about writing on a thousand more occasions but stopped so this blog doesn't become an endless crib session. Anyone who travels in trains knows how uncomfortable the whole thing is. To make things better, the government is making some flyovers and Metro to connect western to eastern parts of suburbs. It may be only my imagination but the same work in Delhi was done a lot more efficiently.

15th November 2008 :: Yeh tera ghar, yeh mera ghar

I was not looking for a house when I should have been because I convinced myself that my stay in Bombay is not going to be a long one and I feel that was a state of absolute bliss. Now the property rates have shot through the roof, I am looking for a house. A house that I very well know will prove to be more of a liability than an asset and I am unable to find it. What I like, I can't afford and what I can afford, I don't like. What to do? I think to start with, I'll do the usual—blame the government. In a city where the population has been increasing consistently for as long as anyone can remember, very little has been done to solve the housing problem.

14th November 2008 :: HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY

Today is the birthday of our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Like Gandhi is famous as "Bapu" (Father), Nehru is famous as "Chacha Nehru" (Uncle Nehru). He is called Chacha Nehru because he was fond of kids. If Pt. Nehru was really fond of kids or if this whole thing was a PR activity is somehting I am not sure of. If it was a PR activity than you can imagine how effective it was that his birthday is celebrated as Children's Day

13th November 2008 :: Shall I put the kettle on?

So what did the tea-pot felt when it was “enlightened?” That all the teas are equal, no matter if you came from Darjeeling or from Assam or Ceylon, you will all be boiled in water and ultimately thrown in the waste and that during its life time, the tea should try to be one with milk and sugar?

This teapot is giving the word “turned on” a whole new meaning, especially with that spout.

12th November 2008 :: Prancing Horses and High Speed Car Chase

Prancing horse, but not the kind that is found on the hood of the expensive Italian car. Expensive Italian cars remind me the word High speed car chase. I don't know why a chase is called a high speed chase. In any chase the objective of the chaser and the chase is to outrun the other and that can be done by driving as fast as you possibly can. I have never heard of a slow speed chase where the people were following the speed limits.

11th November 2008 :: Krishna - Our oldest hero

We are subconsciously inspired by things we have experienced. Here you see Lord Krishna. He was strong, once he lifted Gowardhan Mountain on his little finger, he has killed more baddies than Arnold, Sylvester and Bruce Willis combined. He was a musician, he could play flute better than the pied piper of Hamlin and he had more girlfriends than I can count on my fingers actually I couldn't count them using an abacus or a calculator either. In Hindi movies, the hero always know how to sing and play a musical instrument, he can use any firearm with ease and can fist fight and beat the shit out of baddies.

10th November 2008 :: Manu and Flower

I planned to post picture of Corona beer. I have a good many of them still left but it is getting a little monotonous so I decided to post some other pictures. I will return to Corona later...perhaps next week. This is a picture I took some months ago while having dinner with Mira and Manu is a restaurant operated from a complex owned by Shiv sena. After the recent attacks on north Indians. I don't know if I want to go there anymore, which is a shame since I liked this place.

9th November 2008 :: Equal opportunity for smokers

Over the years we have learned or should I say, strived to become more and more politically correct. A good thing that came out of it is all people being treated equally, at least in theory if not in practice. On the 2nd of October this year, the government banned smoking in all public places. Smoking is banned in public places, not altogether and the sale, manufacture and consumption of tobacco are still legal.

8th November 2008 :: They should make good quality toys

This is a truck Manu bought during our last visit to Delhi. This had a crane attached to it that came off soon after we got home. Disappointed by that Manu said “They should make good quality toys.” I feel that since the kids are not able to figure out what they need to handle carefully and what can take a rougher treatment, they tend to treat their toys, and other things as well, equally.

7th November 2008 :: Corona - Miles Away From Ordinary

You have a long way to go stranger. If you keep driving south, you will get to ordinary in about 4 hours and then it is a further hour long drive to away from ordinary

6th November 2008 :: Corona Extra

This image is quite similar to the image of the Carlsberg bottle. Unlike Carlsberg, this cap doesn't have anything stamped on it. I guess this is because it is imported and not brewed in India. Apart from maintaining its USP by not brewing this beer outside Mexico as I discussed yesterday Corona has other things that make it special too. The bottle is unique too in more ways than one.

5th November 2008 :: Corona - The mexican beer

Carlsberg, Fosters and Budweiser may be available here but I know that all of them are brewed in India and are not likely to taste like the Foster's in Australia, the Budweiser in US and the Carlsberg in Denmark. Corona on the other hand is made in Mexico and will taste the same anywhere in the world. This in my opinion is a very important strategy is maintaining a brand. A brand is not just a product, it also is the perception people have of that product.

4th November 2008 :: Corona's bubbly neck

The taste of the beer was not bad as yesterday's post my suggest and to be fair, it tasted good even if it was skunked. Unfortunately for me, I found out what the light does to the beer only after it had been exposed to light for a considerable time. I read it after I had this bottle lying in my kitchen for a few days and they in my living room while I took pictures of it. I spent 125 bucks on this bottle, a price in which I could get three bottles of Carlsberg or Budweiser only to realise that the taste I got may have been optimal.

3rd November 2008 :: Corona Beer

Lightstruck beer is beer that has been exposed to ultraviolet and visible light. The light causes riboflavin to react with and breakdown isohumulones, a molecule that contributes to the bitterness of the beer and is derived from the hops. The resulting molecule, 3-methylbut-2-ene-1-thiol, is very similar to a skunk's natural defenses. 125 bucks, or in other words, the price of three bottles of Carlsberg or Budweiser for the molecule of Skunks fart? Eeeew!

2nd November 2008 :: Marlboro Lights

Anyone trying to tell others to quit smoking loves telling them that the Marlboro man died of cancer caused by smoking. Does that help? I guess not. It is not a fact strong enough to make a smoker think about quitting. The other ineffective means of persuasion I have seen are the lame ads on TV. Quite predictably, they show the smoker and the people around them continuously coughing.

1st November 2008 :: Gold Flake - Honey Dew

Starting with a weekend, this is the perfect start a month can have. Hang on! Not so perfect after all. There is some work that we had to bring home with us that will take up a fair share of our weekend. Coming back to the image, the pack of Gold Flake cigarettes have this word Honey Dew making me wonder what exactly it is. :: Defining Your Blogs Worth: TopSites: