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22nd July 2009 :: Two much...

Last picture in the series of Tuborg beer bottles. I will take a break from beer bottles and will post one or more shot at a later date. I have got shots of other bottles as well like Fuel Vodka, Smirnoff and San Miguel that I want to post but since this is picturejockey and not boozejockey, I will wait for a while before I do that.

21st July 2009 :: Losing the fizz

The title is not about beer but about anarticle on the blog of Eric Karjaluoto. It is a good one and I recommend you go and read it. It talks about the typical cycle of a new job that is started with enthusiasm which gradually wears out due to various reasons. So far I didn't have to worry about the team I have been working with. However, my current job is different and I am worried about my team losing interest. This can happen due to a number of reasons, some I am aware of, others I am not.

20th July 2009 :: Togetherness

This week again I am going to post some shots of Tuborg beer.

17th July 2009 :: Buddham Saranam Gachami

Ahimsa paramo dharma is the most important teaching of Budhism. During our visit to Dharamsala in Himanchal Pradesh 7 years ago, we had the good fortune of meeting a minister in the Tibet's government in exile. My brother asked him if it was really appropriate for Buddhists to eat meat considering "Ahimsa paramo dharma". He admitted he himself has thought of it but doesn't know why meat is a part of their daily food.

16th July 2009 :: Buddha on a keyring

I am reminded of a poem on Gautam Buddha by Dr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan discussing how all the learnings of Buddha has been ignored. He felt beauty was not important so he shaved his head, to make him beautiful, his followers gave him curly hair in his pictures and statues. He was against worshipping idols and the world made him an idol. "You've gat it all wrong" is what Buddha must be feeling. It is like opening a valuable package and throwing away what was in it and preserving the wrapper.

14th July 2009 :: Bark of almond tree

This is the almond tree in front of my home. Apart from the gulmohur, crows sit on top of this tree as well during the rains. There are parrots as well on this tree which mostly are very hard to spot since they blend in with the leaves so well, so unless you have seen it flying into this tree and have kept a track of its movement, you can't find it. This shot was taken while waiting for Manu's school bus on one of those rare occasions when I was home and Manu had gone to school.

13th July 2009 :: Blue beads

To increase your market share, concentrate on points that will help you sell more, no matter how irrelevant. Ignore things that have no or little impact on sales, no matter how important they might be.

10th July 2009 :: A month's supply of beer

Banging your head against it is not the answer but imagine you have found a month's supply of beer but have no way of opening it. What will you do different than this guy is doing? It's the same situation when someone said “Water, water all around but not a drop to drink.”

8th July 2009 :: Pomegranate

You know fruit grow on a tree, but still you are more used to seeing them in the aisles of the supermarket, on the hand cart of fruit vendors, not really on tree so the sight of fruit on a tree is something novel. So when you are traveling to a place where you see fruit on trees what do you do? Mira makes sure that she shows it to Manu. This reminds me of a client of ours who was amazed to see a cow on a street. He admitted that he has seen cows before only in pieces.

7th July 2009 :: Thoughtful

A few days ago I posted a image of Tuborg beer that has an unusual size, today again I am posting an image with an unusual aspect ratio. This is Manu looking through the window of our living room. He used to spend a lot of his time at the window but that has reduced to almost negligible now because the view from our window is not as good as it was i our old house and he has grown up too and there are other activities taking up his time.

6th July 2009 :: The wise one

While the crow has been sitting on the tree getting soaked in the rain, this pigeon is a smarter. He is sitting in the duct of our building, away from the rain. He is the lucky one. There are other pigeons who have been chased away from dry places by the pigeons that were there before them. They are very possessive in that sense, definitely not the kind who believe in sharing.

3rd July 2009 :: Soaking in the rain

I have never been able to figure out the reason behind this but I have seen crows sitting at the highest possible place on a tree when it pours. They are not very keen on getting wet as can be seen by the body language of this crow but still instead of finding shade, they find the highest branch of a tree or the roof top of buildings. Is this some sort of a dare?

2nd July 2009 :: This is it - RIP Michael Jackson

On 26th June, I don't know why I mentioned the name of Michael Jackson and my colleague told me very casually that he has died. I had to ask him to repeat it to understand we were both talking about the same person and then I did a search on Google before I finally accepted that Michael Jackson has died.

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