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27th August 2009 :: Manu

He used to stand on pillows se he taller than the bed head and is able to see outside and preferred sitting in my or Mira's lap so he can have a better view. Time has changed, now he is almost five years old and no longer needs anything to be able to see outside, sadly the view outside the window has gone to ever since we have moved to our current house. When I took this photo, he was sitting on a chair that he had put on the bed. He was using the bead head as a table to colour his drawings.

27th August 2009 :: Lonely Ganpati

Here is the Ganpati of our building. For the past few months there has been a political tussle going on in our housing complex which has resulted in dissolving of the resident welfare association. The elections for the same have not happened and there is no one responsible for anything in the building except for a government appointed person who comes in for free food. The result of that was seen during the Ganpati festival as well

26th August 2009 :: Ganpati going to his mommy

Explaining the concept of immersing a god to a three and a half year old child is not easy so last year Mira told him that we are sending Ganesha to his mommy. This year too we gave him the same story. "Ganesh is going to his mama papa". This year Manu was actually able to stand at the edge of the pond and see the guys dipping our idol in the water. "Where are Ganesha's mama papa" he asked me.

25th August 2009 :: Ganesha cures

Manu likes to be an active participant in the puja for Ganpati. He put the garland around Ganpati's neck, put a tika on his forehead, made him offerings and also lighted the incense sticks. Unfortunately while he was doing that, the lit end of the incense stick broke and fell on the ground and rolled below his leg. He shouted, I initially thought it was just ash but still ran and got some water to apply there. My brother in the mean time noticed a hole in his shorts and applied some toothpaste on the burn

24th August 2009 :: Happy Ganesh Chaturthi

I have a story to tell about about Ganpati and Manu but not the time to tell it today so stay tuned for it tommorow.

21st August 2009 :: Manu and Nayan

I wrote about how most kids want to be a pilot, an astronaut, a doctor but no one ever says that he wants to be a graphic designer, an accountant when he grows up. Today I want to share my disappointment about how the government agencies in the Hollywood movies never pick up people like me for a critical mission involving national security. I was watching the movie "The Core" in which they picked a professor from a college, then you have Tom Hanks being picked up in DaVinci code. I also fantasize about sitting in my office and two men in black suits and glasses walk in and ask me to accompany them.

20th August 2009 :: We are young and free

Thanks to the panic created by the TV around Swine Flu, the Independence Day became Independence Week for kids. It being on Saturday, Manu won't have got a day off on Independence Day but he got the whole week off as all the schools were closed due to Swine Flu scare.

17th August 2009 :: Doing their best

A government should be smarter and powerful enough to do something if it is required, not just a half assed effort to make it look they are doing something.

14th August 2009 :: Are you a blogaholic?

I am not sure if this term exists but if we can have workaholics, we can have blogaholics as well. I was reading an interview of some rich and famous guy who mentioned quitting golf because he felt it was becoming an obsession. While Golf is good as a hobby, it can be dangerous as a distraction so he decided to stop playing golf. I was thinking about blogging in a similar way. While I love taking pictures and surf the net, I was getting the feeling that maybe it is becoming an obsession and I also can do well without such a distraction in my life and this is the reason I have not been blogging for a while.

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