Got 2 fivers? - stack of Rs.10 Indian coins

26th August 2010

Got 2 fivers?

When the new 10 rupee coin was launched, a friend of mine said, won't it be cool if core and the outer ring of the coin were detachable, then you could use it as 10 rupee coin or two coins of 5 bucks each. Now that would have been cool indeed. Wonder what would be the implications of doing that. What comes to my mind are the smaller packs of chocolates and biscuits that are part of larger party pack "Not to be sold loose/individually" and what a shopkeeper would say "Sahab, the we take the core only for 4 bucks the ring is bigger and goes for 6 bucks.

Greed will get you in trouble - stack of Rs.10 Indian coins

25th August 2010

Greed will get you in trouble

So we have learned that making fake currencies is not always profitable especially if you are making coins. Making fake notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 is lucrative since the margin is quite large. However everyone, even your vegetable vendor checks those notes to see if they are real or fake. If I was making fake currency, I would avoid the coins for obvious reasons and also avoid the bigger notes to stay away from suspicion. If I was making notes, I'd go with the medium denomination and most frequently used notes, 50 or 100 buck would be my ideal choice.

Speaking about checking the notes, do you really think everyone who checks the 500 or a 1000 note can tell a good fake from an original? I guess not. I strongly suspect that they do it in an attempt to come across as a careful and sharp person so a person would think twice before handing him a fake not.

You tell me if you were faking notes, what denomination would you prefer.

Minting money is not so easy afterall - stack of Rs.10 Indian coins

23rd August 2010

Minting money is not so easy afterall

Making counterfeit currency is not easy. It requires a fair amount of brain. Someone in Nepal is making fake Rs10 coins. The cost of metal and minting it is most likely going to exceed the value of the coin itself. Don't you think a "brain" has no part to play in this operation?

Happy Friendship Day - Manu and Nayan playing in our house in Bombay

1st August 2010

Happy Friendship Day

Manu's friend Nayan called up on Friendship Day. Apparently he felt very sad while watching the reports on the TV "I had only one friend, he also has gone" he said with tears in his eyes so his mother called us. While Manu doesn't speak to anyone else on the phone, he snatched the phone from me and had a long discussion with his friend.

In the evening Mira's sister was visiting us and Manu told her about Manu "You know Nayan should go to the play ground and he should make more fiends"

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