Can you tell what this is? - ar smbossed on green glass

30th September 2010

Can you tell what this is?

How do you rate yourself as a beer lover from 1 to 10. If it 4 or above, you should be able to guess what it is. Let me know if you can guess it correctly.

Is this beer still good? - A can of Godfather Lite beer

29th September 2010

Is this beer still good?

I paid 35 bucks for this beer and then I saw the price so I asked why are they charging 10 bucks extra and he told me this is because the can is old and so are the rates printed on it. The current rate is Rs.35. Now there are two questions

  1. Shouldn't they be selling the old beer at old rates?
  2. Is the beer manufactured in May still good for consumption in September, even if it is Lager and not Draft?
  3. And here is a bonus question - Isn't it sufficient to just say it is for sale in Delhi? Rajashtan is automatically excluded.
No beer... not even a single bottle - A can of Godfather Lite beer

28th September 2010

No beer... not even a single bottle

If you find the idea of waiting period of years for things like an Ambassador car, a telephone or even a Bajaj scooter hard to believe, the concept of not having a beer in a bottle shop even crazier, yet that did happened. I remember once going to a bottle shop to be greeted by a sign “Beer nahin hai. Ek bhi nahin hai.” Which translate to “We don't have beer, not even a single bottle.” India is a country where people believe more in oral communication than signs. I can imagine a sign saying “No Beer” and a customer approaching the shop keeper “Beer nahin hai? Dekh le yaar, ek aadh botal padi hogi” (No beer, please check again, there must be one bottle hidden somewhere) so the sign must have been changed to add “not even a single bottle”

Godfather Lite - Crushed can of Godfather Lite beer

27th September 2010

Godfather Lite

Do you have beer? Used to be the query at a bottle shop back in the pre Kingfisher days, when there used to be no known brand of beer in India. If the guy said yes, he had beer; the next question was "Which one?" A few vague names used to come up. The only name that was heard and recognized back in those days was Godfather. It was supposed to be a strong beer and most people preferred it over other unknown names. Now the Godfather has gone "lite". This can came for Rs.35 but was not worth it. Kingfisher Strong tastes like rum mixed with soda and Godfather Lite tasted the same, but with a little more soda. Two sips and I poured it in the loo. Literally money down the drain.

Green is so 90s - A colourful grasshopper

26th September 2010

Green is so 90s

Here is one fashion conscious grasshopper who has decided to stand out of the crowd. So far the only grasshoppers I have seen are green. This one is an exception... or may be my knowledge of grasshoppers is very limited. Maybe there are colorful grasshoppers... or maybe this is not a grasshopper at all. Maybe you should share your knowledge of grasshoppers with me.

Rain rain go away... - Reflection of a multi colour umbrella

24th September 2010

Rain rain go away...

The monsoon in Delhi this year has been exceptionally heavy, its almost like it rains in Bombay and an average Delhite, who usually is thrilled by rains, is plain annoyed and just can't wait for the rains to stop. I, on the other hand have no problem with rains, partially because of the six years I have spent in Bombay...and not to forget the fact that I live very close to work and I don't have to get stuck in jams caused by rains.

Heart - Close up of a peacock feather

22nd September 2010


Incense sticks - four agarbattis

20th September 2010

Incense sticks

Another long exposure shot during the Ganpati festival.

Four years ago, on this day, at about this time I was at a place called "Camera Gully" Fort, Mumbai looking for a Panasonic Lumix FZ30, however I ended up buying the upgrade of that - FZ50. I guess this demands trip down memorey lane. I need to go back to the images I have clicked during this year... I suddenly am feeling very nostalgic.

Red LED - A close up of a LED

19th September 2010


A red LED and its reflection on the wall, exposes all the claims of the painter of a "smooth finish"

A gift for Manuraj - A small statue of Ganpati

16th September 2010

A gift for Manuraj

When we went to bring home the Ganpati idol, the guy who made the idol showed us a small one as well "How do you like it?" Mira suggested him that this is the kind of finish they should have in the larger idols as well. He thought for a minute and then gave that one to Manu "Here, this is a gift from us." Mira was sitting in the back seat with the Ganpati and Manu in front seat with his Ganpati. During the two days, he also offered him flowers.

The flowers seen here are supposed to be Ganpati's favourite.

Ganpati - Ganpati at our home

12th September 2010


For any festival, the mandir you create at home looks the best at night with all the decorative lights. This is a long exposure shot (3 seconds) with all other lights in the room switched off.

Ganpati relocated to NOIDA - Ganpati at our home

11th September 2010

Ganpati relocated to NOIDA

When Manu was 2 year and a half, he was fascinated by the Ganpati festival and insisted that we bring Ganpati home next year. He kept insisting that we say yes. There are a few things that we realised later like if you do it once, you have to do it three years in a row. For the first two years we were in Bombay, however this year we are in Delhi so Ganpati also had to relocate with us to Delhi.

Chirag tale roshni - A glass with Whiskey and soda

9th September 2010

Chirag tale roshni

Chirag tale andhera is a saying in Hindi which literally translates to darkness under a lamp. If you look at a spirit lamp or any other lamps that burns or even a candle, it has a dark spot underneth it. This however has a bright spot underneth it, but then it is not a lamp, it is a glass of whiskey and soda.

Beer makes you smarter, it made Bud wiser - A pint of Budweiser beer

8th September 2010

Beer makes you smarter, it made Bud wiser

Tantra made a T-Shirt with this line and a mug of beer. A common myth, at least among the people I know is that you should slant your glass and pour the beer in very slowly to prevent it from frothing. The website of Budweiser says that you should pour it and allow an inch of froth. The froth is supposed to prevent your beer from oxidization.

So why would you want to avoid the beer from frothing. Maybe you have split the cost of beer and want as much as you can so you cut the froth and pour in an extra inch of beer.

Jack Daniels - Close up the bottle of Jack Daniel

7th September 2010

Jack Daniel's

I am working on the pictures that I post on a laptop and I am totally a desktop person (with a CRT monitor preferably) and always find it hard to figure out what should be the right angle for the screen. This may result in images that are either too dark or too light. The previous two images are exception as I went for a higher contrast but I would be grateful if you could let me know if the images look odd. Thanks in advance.

Time for a little alphabet soup - Soup bowls

6th September 2010

Time for a little alphabet soup

I thought it was a mistake but I have been informed that SOEP is Dutch for SOUP. So I guess both the guys paid attention in their language class, I guess some other guy there, who is probably responsible for sorting, didn't pay enough attention in his Geography class, otherwise this one was least likely to land up in India. Or am I wrong once again.

Happy Teachers Day - Soup bowls

5th September 2010

Happy Teachers Day

Two soup bowls made by two different guys. One of them paid attention in school and the other one didn't. Today is the day to be thankful to your teachers. Happy Teacher's Day.

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